Incorporating your Company in UAE

Why pay a consultant?  Out of ignorance or out of bliss? Why is it that setting up a company Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates in the UAE is better accomplished through a knowledgeable consultant? What is the value that the consultants add? While hiring a consulting team for a more complex assignment in the organization, the value that they bring is almost always understood. But for business set up in the UAE, what value does the consultant really add? ... Read More »
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Obtaining Visas for your Family in the UAE

The sea of investors looking to ebb on UAE shores, has many types of applicants: investors trying a new business idea, divisional heads branching out, or business owners developing their markets. However, a common bit of information that these individuals are looking for is on the procedures to bring their families over to the UAE. Let us clarify the basics. Overall, the systems that the UAE has put in place for people to come in and start a business are fairly seamless. ... Read More »
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