Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zone


The Hamriyah Free Zone is situated in the Emirate of Sharjah and is co-located with the Hamriyah deep-water port. A host of major heavy and light industries reside in this Free Zone, due to abundant and inexpensive energy, and readily available long-term leased land.

Road connectivity via Sheikh Muhammed Bin Zayed highway and airport connectivity (Sharjah Airport) make the Hamriyah Free Zone an attractive destination for companies that seek to set up large industries and offices with a relatively modest cost as compared to Dubai.

The Free Zone is also located quite close to the emirate of Ajman, which is the preferred destination of professionals working in the Zone, for budget accommodations.


  • Co-located with a deep water port
  • Ready access to Sharjah airport
  • Good infrastructure
  • Inexpensive utilities
  • Economical licensing and operations
  • Long term land-lease (upto 50 years) options available
  • All Free Zone benefits

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